Haskap Berries

Discover Haskap

We at BC Haskap Association want to bring this truly amazing berry to your table. Haskap has been a family favourite in other countries like Japan, Russia and Poland for generations. In North America it is only just now being discovered for its rich taste and hardy cultivation traits.

  • What Are Haskap Berries?

    A cold hearty berry that starts to bud under snow cover and is picked off mid-sized bushes way before the hot days of summer set in. The size and taste of this berry has improved exponentially with recent varieties developed at the University of Saskatchewan. Native blue honeysuckle still grows across the boreal forest range. The botanical name is Lonicera Caerulea.

  • How Do Haskap Berries Taste?

    When you first taste haskap your face will light up with delight. The dark blue skin is thin and seeds so tiny they go unnoticed in your mouth. The flavour gives a depth of tangy sweetness that alludes to it’s wild roots.

  • What Are The Benefits of Haskap Berries?

    Not just another tasty berry, haskap holds huge levels of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. Haskap Canada and BC Haskap Association are actively advocating for human health studies in partnership with Canadian Universities and leading scientists.

  • How Do You Prepare Haskap Berries?

    Haskap can be enjoyed fresh if you’re fortunate. In frozen form the nutrients and flavour holds up very well. It makes a zippy fruit preserve or a rich savoury sauce. Quickly becoming a renowned flavour in the cider, beer, wine and spirits industry. The dark rich colour speaks to the antioxidants which add another level of nutrition to your favourite smoothie blend.

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